What is the warranty provided for the rackets?

Clients belonging to the European Union (except the United Kingdom), shall have a two-year post-sale warranty starting on the date of issuance of the product sale invoice for the repair or replacement of the products bought at Kombat in case they are faulty or different from what was advertised. The client can ask for the refund or the decrease of the price of the product in case repairing is not possible or if the replacement of the product shall take longer than is reasonable, or if it brings inconvenience to the client.

Learn about all the Kombat's warranty and cancellation policy here.

In case I make a mistake in relation to the size of the clothes, are the exchanges free of charge?

Any type of exchange or cancellation implies transport expenses.


I am looking for a sponsor. Are you interested?

We appreciate your interest in our brand. As you know, the Kombat philosophy is based on REAL cost. 

What does it mean? 

To be able to offer professional padel rackets to everyone at a real price: € 125.  A fair price that is only possible with the avoidance of applying extra costs to our products and the use of distributors or intermediaries.

Based on this philosophy, Kombat does not have a co-sponsorship policy that includes discounts or packs because with the price of our rackets we are already able to offer a very affordable pack.

We neither have a sponsorship policy, although internally we value the options and define the professional players that are part of our KOMBAT Force.

Do you have packs for instructors?

Men’s instructor pack: racket to choose, 1 racket bag, 1 tracksuit and 4 kits.

Women’s instructor pack: racket to choose, 1 racket bag, 1 tracksuit and 3 kits.

Price: € 250 + Shipment costs


Where can I try the Kombat rackets?

We have different Test Points throughout Spain. Consult here the Test Point nearer to your home.

I have a padel club and would like to be a Kombat Test Point. What do I have to do?

Fill out this form and we shall get in touch with you.


Which Kombat rackets have rough planes?

The Kombat diamond-shaped SWAT and the Kombat round-shaped Delta Force 12K.

Which Kombat model is most powerful?

The Kombat Black In our catalogue you shall find several powerful padel rackets.

Which Kombat racket offers more control and a good sweet spot?

Kombat SAS Control.

Which Kombat rackets have a harder feel?

Kombat Delta Force 18K and Kombat Apache ICE 18K.

Which Kombat model is the most versatile?

At Kombat we are against specifying the rackets too much; this is one of the reasons why we have developed so many models. The most versatile models are those shaped after a teardrop, while the diamond-shaped one is most suited for attacking, power players. The round-shaped racket is adequate for more defensive players or for those who prefer control. 

We support the idea that a defensive player can perfectly play with a diamond racket, whilst an attacking player can play with a round or teardrop racket.

Which Kombat racket has the softer touch?

Kombat SAS.

Which rubber is softer: the White EVA or the Black EVA?

The Black EVA is denser; hence it is a little harder.

Which Kombat model generates less vibration?

Our rackets have been developed and designed in the Kombat Lab to prevent these vibrations that eventually may hurt the elbow. Any Kombat model has a structure and a plane composition that absorb vibration.

Which racket has a glass fibre coat?

All or most rackets on the market endow this material precisely to provide them with a higher or lower ball performance, since it is much more flexible than carbon, and that also avoids the vibration resulting from an excessive toughness. All our rackets have a glass fibre coat.

Do your rackets have a protector?

They do not have a protector because it alters the weight, and this is something that we want every player to decide. However, at our shop you can buy this accessory.

Do your rackets come with a case?

Our rackets come with a single Kombat box, they do not have a case.

Which model produces more sound when hit?

For us, sound is not important. We have not measured or valued it.

Is it possible to choose the racket's weight?

The racket's weight may vary, but this is never exact and thus a determined weight cannot be chosen.


Where are your rackets produced?

The Kombat rackets are produced in the same plants as the other brands, and with the highest quality. However, the important point is not the place, but the materials and manufacturing processes used to develop them, aiming to offer the players the best impression.

Among the large range Kombat offers, it is possible to find rackets made nationally, in China and Pakistan. The intention is to collect the different shapes and materials used in each of the places where the majority of rackets are produced.


Do you ship to any country?

Yes, we ship to any place in the world.

Where can I buy a Kombat racket?

We only sell through our on-line shop. One of the reasons why we can sell top quality rackets at 95 euros is that we cannot afford the costs of having distributors.

Products on sale and discount codes for Kombat rackets

Selling top quality rackets at a REAL Cost prevents us from offering MORE discounts… our DISCOUNTS are kept all year long!! We do not have distributors, and our final prices are not raised due to extra costs. We only sell through our on-line shop. This is the only way we can sell top quality rackets for an unbeatable price.

What are the payment methods accepted by Kombat?

Credit card, PayPal and wire transfer.

How much are the shipment costs?

The shipment expenses are shown when you enter the delivery address, since costs vary according to destination.

These prices do not include fees, taxes and the like applied in each destination country outside Spain, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

How can I track my order?

Once you place an order, you shall receive an email whereby you can see the status of your order.

Can I pay on delivery?

No, sorry. We only accept credit card, PayPal and wire transfer.


Kombat promotions

All promotions published by Kombat Padel are valid up to the date indicated in each of the promotions or while stocks of "promoted products" last. Kombat is not obliged to substitute such products for others.

Under no circumstances Kombat is obliged to inform of the end of a promotion.

Promotions not combinable with other offers, promotional codes, or discounts.

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