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Kombat Black Edition II

95.00 €

The Kombat Black Edition is one of those rackets with which Cupido would be without work. You fall in love with it at first sight! No more! But it's when you get on court when you "swear eternal love".

High-end racket in diamond format composed of high-recovery EVA rubber with a composition that adds a lot of power. Single price 95€

In short, the Kombat BLack Edition is the professional padel racket for everyone, it's pure spectacle!



Madrid: 24 hours
Península: 48 hours
Islands/Ceuta/Melilla and rest of Europe: 72 hours
*Kombat is not responsible for the delays that may occur to the estimated delivery times, only attributable to transport companies.

Shape Diamond
Weight 362-368grs
Core High recovery Black EVA
Tubular 100% Carbon
Face 18K Carbono
Control 9/10
Power 10/10